françois aguet

I am a computational biologist at the Broad Institute, where my research interests are focused on the functional impact of human genetic variation and cell type-specific regulation of gene expression, and in this context, the development and application of methods for quantification of RNA sequence and other 'omics' data. I am a member of the Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) Project Consortium (, which built an atlas of genetic effects on gene expression across human tissues.
Previously, I was a postdoctoral fellow in Gaudenz Danuser's lab at Harvard Medical School, where my research combined image analysis and mathematical modeling approaches to measure complex cellular processes using high-resolution live-cell fluorescence microscopy. I applied these tools to study the endocytic machinery at the cell membrane responsible for uptake of cell surface proteins and signalling receptors. I obtained my PhD in computer science in Michael Unser's lab at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) with a thesis on image processing for super-resolution fluorescence microscopy. I graduated with an MSc in computer science from the same institution.

Latest papers

GTEx Consortium (first & co-corresponding author), "The GTEx Consortium atlas of genetic regulatory effects across human tissues," Science 369, 1318-1330, 2020. Coverage: [Science News] [Broad Institute] [NYGC]

S. Kim-Hellmuth*, F. Aguet*, M. Oliva, M. Muñoz-Aguirre, S. Kasela, V. Wucher, S.E. Castel, A.R. Hamel, A. Viñuela, A.L. Roberts, S. Mangul, X. Wen, G. Wang, A.N. Barbeira, D. Garrido-Martín, B. Nadel, Y. Zou, R. Bonazzola, J. Quan, A. Brown, A. Martinez-Perez, J.M. Soria, GTEx Consortium, G. Getz, E.T. Dermitzakis, K.S. Small, M. Stephens, H.S. Xi, H.K. Im, R. Guigó, A.V. Segrè, B.E. Stranger, K.G. Ardlie, T. Lappalainen "Cell type specific genetic regulation of gene expression across human tissues," Science 369, eaaz8528, 2020.